The Turlock Water Polo Club (USWP #354) was Coach Steve Feaver’s original summer club to support his high school program at Turlock High that started in 1973. Coach’s summer club, which began in the 1980s, deactivated shortly after his retirement in 2011.

With support from coaches at Turlock High and Pitman, the club will take on a new name – Turlock United – with the goal of promoting and teaching the exciting game of water polo to the youth throughout Turlock regardless of the athlete’s school.

Our Mission: Grounded by basic principals and core values instilled by Coach Feaver, Turlock Water Polo Club returns with the goal of developing each young water polo player to be best person, student and athlete that they can be. Additionally, TU is equally committed to providing a place for aspiring coaches to get involved in that role and to develop their skills.

Our Values: Turlock United is dedicated to developing balanced individuals by building self-esteem, character, teamwork, and a strong work ethic within each and every player. We encourage our student-athletes to apply these values to all aspects of their lives beyond the pool.

Our Objectives: Turlock United seeks provide both highest level of training and competition at the local and national levels for high school and pre-high school student-athletes in Turlock and surrounding areas as well as to provide a place to introduce new student-athletes to the sport of water polo.